Divine Synchronicity happened yesterday.

I was not feeling well. I woke with a headache, which had worsened throughout the day. My hands and feet turned icy cold. I had been giving myself Reiki, but my hands stayed icy and the energy flow was not as usual. I began thinking perhaps I needed to receive Reiki from another Reiki Master other than myself.

I texted my best friend this, “I wish someone would come give me some Reiki,” and two seconds after I hit send, my cell phone rang. It was Tim Stanek and the first thing he said was, “How are you today?”

This gave me goose bumps as it all happened within seconds. I explained how I was feeling and told him I had just sent that text. He then sent Reiki as we stayed on the phone. I could feel my feet warming, then my hands warming. Then a lifting of the pressure headache on the back of my neck, like a peeling away of one layer after another. A releasing of what needed to be released and the peaceful, beautiful, calming Reiki energy flowing through.

I am filled with infinite love and gratitude for Tim Stanek, for Reiki energies and for such Divine Synchronicity.